The Park Estate - Nottingham
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The Park Estate - Nottingham
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is being a member of NPRA the same as being a member of NPEL?
No, the two organisations are separate. The NPRA (Nottingham Park Residents Association) is the social organisation within the Park that organises events, provides the Park Card and the Park News magazine. NPEL (Nottingham Park Estate Limited) is the Company that manages the Park on behalf of the residents.
How do I join the NPRA?
Please visit their website
Why join the NPEL?
Membership gives you a say in how the Park is run; it entitles you to vote at General Meetings, to nominate directors, and stand for a position on the Board if you wish.
How do I join the NPEL?
You may join if you are a Park property owner or long leaseholder.  Please complete application form and return to the Estate Office to register.
I pay my Park annual Rentcharge – does that automatically mean I am a Member of the NPEL?
No. Although Membership is free, you must still complete a separate form for NPEL Membership (due to legal requirements we can’t automatically “opt you in” as a Member). Your half-yearly invoice for the Rentcharge will note on it whether you are currently a Member.
Am I entitled to park my car in the Park?
If you reside in the Park you are generally entitled to a residents’ parking permit (restrictions apply). Visitors who are genuinely visiting a Park resident may also park here for a short time. Please see Parking Section for details.

If I have a residents' parking permit , can I park anywhere in the Park?
No, there are restrictions. You can only park on the section of road "immediately abutting" (i.e alongside) your property where there are no double blue lines. "Free" parking for any permit holder is also available on Ogle Drive, and on Park Valley, north of the Park Steps (depending on space available, of course).
How can I get through the bollards on Peveril Drive?

The bollards operate on Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR). When you register your vehicle for a parking permit, you will also be registered for ANPR. The bollards are present to reduce traffic cutting through the Estate.

What can I do if I see someone parking their car here when they don’t have a permit, aren’t a legitimate visitor, etc?
Please report it to the Estate Office who will ensure the wardens issue a Parking Charge Notice.

Why can't I walk my dog in Newcastle Circus or Lincoln Circus? Why are dogs allowed in Peveril Garden?
The results of a residents' survey in September 2016 gave a clear consensus for Peveril Garden to be opened to dog walking, while Newcastle Circus and Lincoln Circus would continue to off limits to dogs. Access to Peveril Garden is subject to dog owners keeping their dogs under control, and of course clearing up dog waste, etc. More details are in the Park Life/Green Spaces section.

Does NPEL approve/reject planning applications in The Park?
The Planning, Property & Roads Committee of the NPEL reviews all planning applications that affect The Park, and may make a submission to the NCC, but does not have any authority over the application itself. More information is in our Park Life section.
Who is responsible for the Tunnel?
Nottingham City Council owns the Tunnel, but NPEL, at its discretion, does provide minor maintenance. Please address security issues to the Police and other concerns to the Estate Office.
What can I do about nuisance neighbours?
In the first instance, report issues to the Police, either by dialling 101 or reporting via this website. The Police will log all issues, keep the Estate Office informed, and take appropriate action or advise you on the next steps.
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