The Park Estate - Nottingham
Park Estate
The Park Estate - Nottingham
Heritage and Conservation
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NPEL Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the NPEL are set out in its Articles (see NPEL Structure). Simply put, NPEL maintains and improves the roads and common parts within the Estate, but it is also a Company run by its Members and is there to represent us all.

The NPEL monitors the state of the various roads and common areas, considers priority in resurfacing, determines where speed ramps should be installed, etc, and generally oversees representations and complaints made by residents.

The Park is a private estate and therefore the roads, footpaths and common areas are maintainable at the residents’ expense. Each freeholder is liable for the payment of a half-yearly rent charge, which is set by the Company each year, for more information on how the charge is calculated see here. The average rent charge payable is approximately £400.00 per annum and is based on the number of habitable rooms within any dwelling.

The rent charge is levied in July and January. Any queries regarding the ‘points’ allocated to any property or the amount payable should be made to the Estate Office. The payment of the rent charge is a legal obligation and can be enforced through the Courts by the Company.

Apart from the roads and common areas, the Company also owns the Park Estate Office at 7a Lenton Road, the Works Yard at the bottom of Tennis Drive and the compound area at the west end of Lenton Road. Please note, the compound area is used for the collection of all debris from within The Park (including, in autumn, the vast amount of fallen leaves); residents must use the household refuse collection of the City Council and not The Park compound area.  

Our Responsibilities as Residents

Both the NPEL and Park Residents are proud of the unique environment and community spirit. We ask residents to play their part in keeping the Park a pleasant place to live by being considerate to neighbours, such as:
  • Avoid creating excessive noise, especially between the hours of 11pm and 7am. The Park is a peaceful area and loud music, revving of engines, shouting in the street late at night causes a nuisance
  • Parking etiquette – please don’t park vehicles outside your neighbour’s property, and allow reasonable distance between cars so that vehicles can be removed and parked easily but without excessive space in between
  • Do not let wheelie bins overflow, and remove them from the pavement when they have been emptied
  • Observe the 20mph speed limit
  • If residents are considering doing anything that may affect neighbours, such as having a party, bonfire, etc, please let your neighbours know beforehand
  • Dog walkers are reminded to clean up after their dog and that they are not allowed to bring dogs into the communal green spaces of Newcastle Circus and Lincoln Circus. The green behind the Estate Office on Peveril Drive is available for careful use by Park residents with dogs. More information is on our Green Spaces page. 
Residents are encouraged to call the Police on 101 or login to this website to report non-urgent issues such as anti-social behaviour, noise nuisance, etc.
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The Park Estate - Nottingham