The Park Estate - Nottingham
Park Estate
The Park Estate - Nottingham
Heritage and Conservation
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Parking and Access

The NPEL monitors the state of the various roads, considers priorities in resurfacing, determines where speed ramps should be installed and generally oversees representations and complaints made by residents.

Traffic Regulations are made and issued under Section 14 (2) (b) of the Park Estate Act - please see the NPEL Structure page.

The last Regulations review and consultation was carried out by the Board in 2014 and 2015. 
Members were consulted (via meetings, a survey, and an online forum) on proposed new Parking Regulations, to reduce parking congestion and unauthorised parking in The Park. Many Members felt that most parking issues would be solved by more enforcement of the current regulations, and following increased NPEL spend in this area (wardens carrying out more patrols for longer periods), the parking issues have indeed decreased. Patrols cover all roads in The Park but there is more focus on "hotspot" areas like Park Valley, Park Terrace, Western Terrace. 
Current Parking Regulations 
A car permit system is operated on the NPEL private roads and residents may apply for a permit. If the application is succesful permits will be issued in accordance with the regulations - permits are non-transferable.  
All parked vehicles must display a parking permit in the front windscreen.  This assists NPEL to identify those vehicles that belong to residents, parking fines are issued to vehicles that are not authorised to use the NPEL roads.  Bona fide visitors to residents' homes should indicate this with a note on their dashboard, stating the address they are visiting.
A residents' car permit does not allow you to breach the NPEL parking restrictions indicated by the yellow and blue line markings: 
  • Double Blue & Yellow Lines - No parking for any vehicles
  • Single Blue Lines - Parking is allowed only for vehicles displaying a valid permit (or a genuine visitor's note, as described above) issued to the property immediately abutting the section of blue line where the vehicle is parked.
The NPEL introduced these measures because in the past, residents living in the vicinity of The Park entrances suffered from excessive parking from residents and non-residents alike.  By introducing blue lines, it allows all residents to park close to their homes, not just those who are fortunate enough to live on the quieter roads with less demand for on-street parking.

Current Regulations

Pass for Peveril Drive Entrance

The electronic ‘Norpass’ permit that previously operated the rising bollards on Peveril Drive (at the Castle Boulevard entrance) is now being replaced by ANPR - Automatic Number Plate Recognition. Please ensure your vehicle registration details are up-to-date with the Estate Office to enable automatic access for your vehicle. 

Application Process for Permits/Passes

As parking near Nottingham City centre is highly valued, inappropriate requests for parking permits, and access through the rising bollard on Peveril Drive, are common. We therefore have a fairly stringent application process for residents to follow to prove their entitlement. To obtain a permit (which will also give you access through the rising bollard), please contact the Estate Office by email, letter or telephone.  An application form will be hand delivered to your address, and you will be required to send proof of residency and identity with your completed application.

Alternatively, application can be made in person at the Park Estate Office, bringing proof of residency and identity with you.  The Contact us section lists the current Office opening hours.


The roads within the Park are patrolled daily, with particular focus on the perimeter roads (such as Newcastle Drive, Park Valley, North Road, Huntingdon Drive) that suffer from non-Park residents attempting to park illegally. Parking Charge Notices (Fixed Penalties) are issued to those infringing the Regulations and are legally enforceable. Residents who wish to report a vehicle parked illegally should contact the Estate Office.

CCTV cameras monitor activity at the rising bollards on Peveril Drive, and the NPEL takes legal action against motorists who damage the bollards.

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