The Park Estate - Nottingham
Park Estate
The Park Estate - Nottingham
Heritage and Conservation
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Planning Applications
The Property, Planning & Assets (PP&A) Committee of the NPEL meets monthly to review all planning applications submitted to Nottingham City Council, that cover property in The Park and neighbouring areas. 
PP&A assesses each application and its impact on The Park, and if warranted, will make a submission to the NCC to comment on any detrimental effect that the proposed works might have on The Park's environment. To assist with this process of deciding whether to make a submission, NPEL retains the services of a planning consultant, who also attends the meetings and provides specialist advice and guidance. In addition, PP&A applies a checklist of criteria, which references The Park Conservation Plan

PP&R Committee Planning Checklist

The Park Conservation Plan 

While NPEL wishes to maintain a good working relationship with the NCC, our comments do not necessarily hold any more weight than those of individuals who also make submissions. It is therefore important that, if you have any objection or comment to make about a planning application that will affect your Park property, that you make your own submission, as well as perhaps alerting your neighbours to do the same.
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The Park Estate - Nottingham